Docker Charm Documentation

Deploy Docker with Juju

We’re excited that you are interested in the Docker Charm. These group(s) of pages serve as the collective knoweldge of the community developing and leveraging Juju to deploy and orchestrate their Docker based workloads.

The Docker ecosystem is rich with tools, utilities, and cutting edge devops methodologies. This can be a cumbersome process to learn all of the intriciacies of the toolchains for end users. The Juju Charm aims to abstract away a lot of the learning curve with running Docker containers in Production by baking in the collective knowledge of devops veterans from the community.

If you are a Juju user

We recommend you get started by reading the User Documentation. If you have questions about Juju, we encourage you to browse and familiarize yourself with the juju user documentation linked above in the header navigation.

If you are a Charm developer

The Docker Charm leverages some of the best patterns we have available in charming today. It exhibits a complex set of routines, with fact aggregation, inventory checking, cross-host communication, and even these doc pages are part of the charm itself.

You’ll want to get started in the Developer Docs. Are we missing something? File a bug!